Friday, March 21, 2014

Hi 2014.

Hi everyone !
I've been forget here for so long.
It's not forget. But just like no time to update at all.
3rd sem gonna end soon. 
Just finished all the presentation, coursework, function party last week.
Maybe someone will ask "Function party" ?
Yes. You're right. 
Function party which is a coursework of us.
The whole class work together , plan a function together.

The theme of our class >> PYJAMAS !!
The only one among the 8 groups.
 Nothing much to say, just see the photos : )


Spot me ? 
The group photo with guest of that day.
Thanks for coming.

The only photo that day. 
Busy of control-ing the PA and IT system.
Since CHHSB, seems like my job is control this system huh ._.
But I really enjoyed it.
Play all the song that I like : )

Nice right ?
I'm just shocked on this effect.
Just a brightness edit.
And ended up with "WOW"
Love this picture ever : )

 Group photo. 


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